Dive Centre

The Leagues Ahead dive centre in Gran Canaria ...

... is the newest and most modern dive centre in Gran Canaria. Located in the sunny south of the island in Playa del Ingles directly next to Pro Surfing, one of the busiest surfing companies on the island it is the perfect location for all lovers of the water. We have created our dive centre to meet all of your diving needs with a location that obtains a fun, relaxed and family atmosphere that everyone will find appealing no matter what the age or level of diving certification. We also have a bathroom and storage for your belongings. The aim of our centre is to bring all divers together and to unite us over our love for the ocean.


The main reception

main reception of leagues ahead diving

The main reception to the dive centre is bright and airy, the interior is handcrafted ensuring the reception obtains a coastal atmosphere. You can relax on our sofa with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy pre-selected diving videos and pictures on our television giving you the opportunity to see why diving with Leagues Ahead Diving is the best option for you! You can browse through diving magazines and manuals at your leisure or perhaps take a look at the dive sites we will be visiting and pick which one suits you best! Leagues Ahead Diving are passionate about conserving the ocean, therefore we deliberately handcrafted our furniture out of recycled wood, giving our dive centre a 'beachy' feel and reducing the amount of plastic waste we create.

The dive shop

leagues diving shop

Situated adjacent to the reception is a diving shop which caters for all your diving needs. We have a selection of diving stock ranging from regulators, masks, wetsuits and even the small details such as pocket masks and dive markers. We also provide a bespoke range of jewelry which is specifically designed for ocean conservation as the proceeds go towards the conservation of the ocean. If you prefer a souvenir to remind yourself of your great holiday here on Gran Canaria then feel free to try on the T.shirts, caps, and bags that are available for you in our on-suite changing room. Coffee and sofas are provided for those that do not wish to shop!

The classroom

Leagues Ahead Diving provide the best learning environment for you. We ensure you are able to learn and or sit exams in a peaceful and relaxed environment where no one will disturb you unless you ask a question or for advice. For scuba diving courses you will be shown selected DVD's on our projector while you take notes at our desks. Furthermore, you will gain hands-on experience by having the opportunity to practice the required skills and scenarios on our different training props. The classroom is home to our little Anne CPR training manikin and our model of the human anatomy thus ensuring you really get 'hands on' with the knowledge provided. Diving posters and human anatomy posters are provided which create a nonstressful and relaxed environment to practice and apply your diving knowledge and all briefings and presentations before diving will be performed in our classroom giving divers the opportunity to ask questions and feel more confident before entering the water.

The wet room

the wetroom for the diving centre


This is where our lucky instructors get to wash all the diving equipment! We always ensure that each piece of equipment is properly cared for and maintained giving you the best possible equipment to use for your diving. The wet room is home to our brand new top of the range Cressi equipment, and it gives customers a chance to try on any equipment to ensure it fits correctly and comfortably before the dive. Divers who wish can change into the wetsuit and boots in the wet room before arriving at the dive site for more privacy.

The chill out area

This is the perfect place to relax and talk to fellow dives after a dive. Feel free to grab a refreshment or 'deco-beer' and talk to other individuals who are also passionate about diving. The chill out room is fun and relaxed and if you work for other dive centres, a dive master trainee or just love to be surrounded by like-minded individuals then feel free to pop along and relax with us! Leagues Ahead Diving are part of a meetup.com group on Gran Canaria which mean that divers from Las Palmas, Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Playa del Ingles and much more gather at our dive centre to discuss diving, watch a diving documentary or plan some pleasure dives.