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Explore The dive sites of Gran Canaria!

With dramatic volcanic landscapes, clear water and a spectacular variety of marine life including giant Stingrays and Angel sharks, it is easy to see why Gran Canaria is home to some of the best dive sites in the Canary Islands.

But what makes diving in Gran Canaria stand out is the wide variety of dive sites spread around the island, offering dive sites that suit all abilities of divers looking to dive into the warm atlantic water of Gran Canaria.

map of the diving sites in gran canaria


El Cabron

Map of el cabron
  • Maximum depth: 38 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: Something for everyone 
  • Entry: Shore

Voted one of the top ten dive sites in Europe, El Cabron opitimises what diving in Gran Canaria is like. With it’s dramatic volcanic rock formations, arches, caves and deep blue water, this is a dive site you do not want to miss. 


Amadores easy beach while scuba diving gran canaria
  • Maximum depth: 14 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: Discover Scuba Divers 
  • Entry: Shore

With a relaxing and gentle shore entry Amadores Bay is the perfect dive site for beginners or those looking to refresh their scuba diving skills. Tropical clear blue water and golden sand are host to a wide variety of tropical fish and Octopus. 


Tufia photo
  • Maximum depth: 22 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: Open water divers
  • Entry: Shore

The underwater structure of Tufia was created by a volcanic eruption. The caverns formed by lava cooling in the ocean create the perfect habitat for an abundance of life to thrive including Stingrays and the occasional Turtle!


Map of Sardina Del Norte
  • Maximum depth: 22 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: Open water diver
  • Entry: Shore

An easy giant stride into the water brings us to Sardina del Norte. An idyllic dive site situated in the North of the island. The artificial rock formations create the perfect hiding spot for sleeping stingrays and Angel sharks. 

Risco Verde

Risco verde beach
  • Maximum depth: 16 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: Open water diver
  • Entry: Shore

Risco Verdes’ sheltered bay means mild current all year round accompanied by an easy shore entry. Risco Verde is host to an amazing array of marine life and great visibility all year around. Just a 20 minute drive from our location in Playa del Ingles we will park in a designated area just for divers, making equipment preparation and suiting up very easily. You will be guided along the natural volcanic reef where you will encounter Octopus, Starfish, Nudibranchs and small shoals of Barracuda. The second dive consists of a bottom composition of sand which is the perfect environment to see Eagle rays, Cuttlefish and Angel Sharks.

Mogan Caves

Mogan reef
  • Maximum depth: 12 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: Open water diver
  • Entry: Shore

Situated in idyllic Puerto De Mogan, Mogan reef is a fantastic dive for all level of diving certifications. Leagues Ahead Diving can suit the dive to your needs, for example, if you prefer a gentle and relaxed entry we can enter the water from the beach, or if you prefer we can arrange a giant stride entry from the rocks under the cliffs at the end of the beach. This dive site offers a wide array of marine life including Barracuda, Tuna fish, Stingray, Octopus and much more. This dive site lets you explore caves and caverns at your leisure whilst being guided to all the best spots of the dive site by your guide.

Other dive sites

Below are a selection of other dive sites on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. If you choose to complete a dive package these dive sites can be incorporated into your diving itinerary. Please remember that these sites are subject to availability and we need a minimum number of clients to arrange them as they are a further travelling distance from our centre. 

La Catedral

la catederal dive site in Gran Canaria
  • Maximum depth: 40 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: AOW + Deep diver speciality 
  • Entry: Boat

The perfect dive site for the experienced diver looking for a deeper dive. This dive is comprised of Incredible volcanic rock formations and shoals of Barracuda and Groupers that are guaranteed to keep you wanting more. 

Arona Wreck

arona wreck
  • Maximum depth: 35 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: AOW + Deep diver speciality
  • Entry: Boat

The Arona wreck is a 96.7 meter long wreck located in the North of the Island. The Arona wreck is a sunken cargo vessel that sunk in 1972 because of the fire in the engine, it now creates the perfect wreck dive!

Mogan Wreck

Mogan boat wreck dive
  • Maximum depth: 22 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: Open water diver
  • Entry: Boat

This is the first of two wrecks that have been sunken by the yellow submarine company for the submarine tours! Lying at approximately 19 meters below the surface the wreck is home to an abundance of marine life including the shoal of Roncadores at the bow of the wreck. The dive site is a short boat ride from Puerto de Mogan and we try to arrange the time of the dive with the time that the submarine tour is leaving from Mogan harbor, thus all the divers have great fun waving and taking pictures of the customers in the submarine itself! Be sure not to forget your camera! 

Artifical Reef

  • Maximum depth: 24 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: Open water diver
  • Entry: Boat

This is an artificial biotope which lies approximately 5km from Puerto de Mogan Harbour. It was originally created as a project of the Department of Marine Biology by the University of Las Palmas! The idea behind the concept was to create a refuge for the prolific amount of marine life endangered by fishing. The dive site consists of several different concrete block formations all different shapes and sizes which create this safe haven where marine life such as Stingrays, Angel Sharks, Octopus, Moray eels, Cuttlefish and much more take refuge. 


Please feel free to contact with any questions regarding the dive sites 

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