Leagues Ahead Diving in Playa Del Ingles is a premier scuba diving centre and is the ‘go to place’ for all Scuba Diving and Snorkelling excursions in Gran Canaria. Leagues Ahead Diving is a new dive centre in the sunny South of Gran Canaria that combines outstanding customer service, exceptional safety regulations and a fun and relaxed atmosphere to ensure your underwater adventures are unforgettable. Our dive centre is owned and managed by young, interpersonal and dedicated PADI scuba diving instructors who conduct one on one training and carry out qualified dives in small and practical groups in the crystal clear waters of Gran Canaria. We cater for every diver from beginner to a professional level and adapt the dive to suit your needs! When it comes to scuba diving we make sure that Leagues Ahead Diving is the best choice when it comes to taking the plunge in Gran Canaria.

angel shark

Can I see sharks in Gran Canaria?

  Are there sharks in Gran Canaria? Yes! Many species of sharks primarily live in warm and shallow coastal waters, […]

lots of air bubbes

10 Top Tips To Conserve Air When Scuba Diving

As a scuba diving instructor working in Gran Canaria, the most common question people ask me is, ‘How can I […]

Scuba Diving Gran Canaria

Top 4 Locations for scuba diving Gran Canaria Are you an advanced certified diver looking for some scuba diving or […]

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