Two Cuttlefish swimming underwater

Fish Species Of Gran Canaria – Cuttlefish

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The Cuttlefish – The King Of Camouflage.   Cuttlefish belong to the group of mollusks called the cephalopods. While diving in Gran Canaria we see all species of Cephalopods. The cephalopods are a highly intelligent group of ocean creatures that contains the species: Octopus Squid Cuttlefish Nautiluses The literal translation of the term Cephalopod is […]

Fish Species of Gran Canaria – Spiny Butterfly Ray

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Our onsite marine biologist Divemaster TJ, has been busy writing fact-files about the species of Gran Canaria. Each week he has documented a different species that Leagues Ahead Diving see while under the water! This is to try and educate divers about the underwater world and raise awareness about ocean conservation!     The spiny butterfly […]