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FAQ's About diving in Gran canaria

Everything you need to know for those looking to try Scuba Diving in Gran Canaria. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Can you dive all year round in Gran Canaria?

YES! Gran Canaria is one of only a few scuba diving destinations that does not have a diving season. The geographical location of Gran Canaria next to the African Coast ensures the weather stays constant all year round!

What is the water temperature in Gran Canaria?

January – 18°
February – 18°
March – 19°
April – 19°
May – 20°
June – 21-23°
July – 23-24°
August – 23- 24°
September – 24°
October – 24°
November – 23°
December – 22°

The Canary Islands are greatly influenced by the gulf stream. The gulf stream is an ocean current that brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic ocean. This gulf stream regulates the water in Gran Canaria and keeps the temperature comfortable throughout the year!

What time of year offers the best diving in Gran Canaria?

To see the most prolific marine life:

Scuba dive in Gran Canaria during October-November

The warmest water:

Take your diving vacation between July-October

To spot Angel Sharks:

Book your flights for between December-April

The best time to go scuba diving in the Canary Islands depends on what type of scuba diving you like. you should decide what you are looking for from your scuba diving vacation and choose a time period that best suits you. 

What marine life will I see when diving in Gran Canaria?

World-renowned marine life that you can spot in Gran Canaria include:

  • Angel sharks
  • Common Stingrays
  • Butterfly Rays
  • Turtles

Marine life that you can spot on every dive in Gran Canaria include:

  • Damsel fish
  • Wrasse
  • Octopus
  • Barracuda
  • Trumpet fish
  • And much more!

Gran Canaria is renowned for its rich biodiversity of marine life, a destination where scuba divers can expect to see a mixture of tropical, Mediterranean, and Atlantic marine species on every immersion.

It is estimated that seven-hundred species of fish and approximately one thousand species of invertebrates reside in the water of the Canary Islands, from all things small and beautiful to larger Sharks, Stingrays, and Octopus.

What scuba diving equipment do you use when diving in Gran Canaria?

Usually, we dive using:

  • 5mm or 7mm wetsuits 
  • Steel tanks
  • 5mm boots 
  • Open heeled fins

Although scuba diving equipment is standardised, there are some differences depending on your diving location. The water temperature and entry points will affect the scuba diving equipment provided to you.

Do I need scuba diving insurance in Gran Canaria?

It is Spanish law that all certified divers are covered by accident insurance that includes treatment in a decompression chamber. The insurance has to be up-to-date and you must provide your policy number. But not to worry! Here at Leagues Ahead Diving we can provide daily, weekly, monthly and annual insurance for an additional cost if you do not have your own. 

  • Daily insurance – 7
  • Weekly insurance- 15€
  • One month- 25€
  • Annual insurance- 35€

Do I need a medical certificate to dive in Gran Canaria?

Previously a dive medical was required by law for any diver wishing to scuba dive in Spain. However, on the 1st of July 2020 a new law was introduced. Any diver can now declare themselves fit and healthy to dive. You will be provided with a medical questionnaire upon arrival if you can answer ‘’YES’’ to any of the questions you will have to present a dive medical signed by a professional doctor. 

If I need one, how do I get my scuba diving medical in Gran Canaria?

Should you require a medical form before your excursion, we are happy to point you in the right direction. The ‘’SUMMER &  HEALTH’’ clinic in Playa del Ingles can verify that you are fit to partake in scuba diving. The cost varies depending on the clinic of your choosing but it is between 25-30 euros and the certificate is valid for one year.

Can I still scuba dive if I have forgotten my PADI certification card?

We will need to verify your PADI certification before your diving activity . If you have a PADI certification, we will be able to verify this on the PADI database. All we require is your first and last name and your date of birth. 

As a PADI dive center, we do not have any access to verify any other diving affiliation such as CMAS, FEDAS, BSAC, or SSI. We do however accept digital verification of any certification that is not PADI. 

How long of a surface interval is required after diving before flying?

One dive = 12 hour surface interval

Two dives = 18 hour surface interval

Do you collect us from our hotel?

Yes! At Leagues Ahead Diving all of our prices include complimentary hotel transfers. We collect clients from all holiday destinations in the South of Gran Canaria. We do not provide complimentary hotel transfers from the North of the island, but we are easily reachable via tax, bus or we have parking available for you.

Do you accept payment by card?

Card is not a problem, the only card we do not accept is American Express.

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