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Scuba Diving in Sardina Gran Canaria

Sardina del Norte

  • Maximum depth: 22 meters
  • Minimum level of certification: Open water divers
  • Entry: Shore
  • Average visibility in summer: 25 meters +
  • Average visibility in winter: 15 meters +
  • Average water temperature in summer: 23 degrees
  • Average water temperature in winter: 18 degrees 
  • Common sightings: Angel sharks
Map of Sardina Del Norte
divers ready for sardina

Why is this Sardina special?

Sardina del Norte is located on the North of the island, it takes approximately 1 hour to reach this dive site from our base in Playa del Ingles, but is well worth the journey. 

 This dive site is ideal for all levels of certification. The entry is particularly easy. Giant stride from the pier steps and dive away homeslice. Also the sheltered bay ensures the diving conditions are calm and flat. 

What is the dive like in Sardina del Norte?

A short walk down the steps of a charming fishing village brings us to our easy giant stride entry. Once in the water it is common to be engulfed in shoals of sardines! A gradual descent along the artificial breakwater will allow you to spot the Moray eels and Groupers hiding in the rock formation. 

The pristine sandy bottom composition and the sheltered bay ensures that Sardina offers crystal clear visibility all year round. 

large eagle ray

What marine life will I see in Sardina del Norte?

During the dive, it is common to see Angel sharks. As well as Angel sharks you are expected to see African striped grunts, Sea Horses, Parrot fish, Sting Rays, Butterfly rays and Garden Eels.

After dive activities:

After the dives have been completed there is nothing better than relaxing in one of the bars or restaurants on the promenade overlooking the ocean!
angel shark gran canaria clear

Please feel free to contact with any questions regarding diving Sardina 

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