Fish Species of Gran Canaria– Moray eels

Our onsite marine biologist Divemaster TJ, has been busy writing fact-files about the types of aquatic life seen while diving Gran Canaria. Each week he has documented a different species that Leagues Ahead Diving see while under the water! This is to try and educate divers about the underwater world and raise awareness about ocean conservation!

Moray eel

Moray eels may look rather scary at sometimes. With their alien looking heads, sharp teeth and an extra set of jaws, they look like ferocious predators. This is actually far from the truth. These animals are actually known to befriend divers on some occasions. During the day they can be found hiding between the rocks for they are nocturnal predators meaning they only hunt at night. In order to breath, the moray eel needs to constantly open and close its mouth to pump fresh water over its gills. However, when a moray eel feels threatened it will stare at you with its mouth wide open. Now you might be wondering what’s up with these second pair of jaws. Well, remember Ridley Scot’s alien? They have a structure that’s very similar to that of the moray eel called the pharyngeal jaws. When feeding, morays launch these jaws into the prey and transport it into the throat. Showing that even the craziest of science fiction has already been done by nature itself.

We often see Moray eels when diving Gran Canaria. Specifically in the dives sites El Cabron’ the marine reserve, Amadores Beach and Risco Verde.

Other fish species

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