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The SCUBAJET Dive Pro! Our Honest Review:

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Why are we the right people to review this product?

Here at Leagues Ahead Diving we take our DPV diving (diving with an underwater scooter) seriously!

We are currently training to set a Guinness world record with the assistance of DPV’s and we conduct excursions with DPV’s regularly. With this being said, we have only found ‘bulky’ and ‘heavy’ scooters on the current market that are capable of offering a quality DPV dive. When I say heavy, we are talking 17+ kilograms of weight!

So, when we heard of the product the ScubaJet that weighs only 3.7kg and promises to deliver a DPV dive similar to that of the heavier models, we had to see what all the fuss was about!

Will the Scubajet Pro have what it takes to revolutionize the DPV market? Here is our honest review of the Scubajet Pro Dive Package!

Before we get started:

The Scubajet Pro is the successor of the very successful original Scubajet model. Among other things, the Scubajet Pro’s new features include an increase of 50% in the maximum dive depth, an increase in runtime and a new dual-hand controller.

Quick Specifications:


200 watt non-airplane legal

400 watt non-airplane legal

200 watt airplane legal

400 watt airplane legal


200 watt – 3 hours

400 watt – 6 hours


200 watt batteries – up to 2 hours runtime

400 watt batteries – up to 4 hours runtime

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What we love about the Scubajet Dive Pro!


Of course the weight of the Scubajet is its biggest advantage. While other DPV’S on the market pose a significant logistical challenge, with a maximum weight of 3.7kg the ScubaJet is accessible for all divers. It is incredibly easy to transport to and from the water and can be attached to your BCD keeping your hands free.

Take an example, you are diving from a rib boat, you have the option to breeze onto the boat transporting a 3.7kg Scubajet or you can choose to lug a 17kg SUEX VRT that delivers a similar performance to the 3.7kg Scubajet! (I know which option I would choose!)

Power to weight ratio:

The Scuabjet incorporates an impressive power to weight ratio, with it being only 43 cm in length, 8cm in diameter, and 3.7kg in weight, it is still able to generate an amazing 20kg of thrust.

Sleek aesthetics:

The matt black design of this DPV gives it a very high-end look. Produced from aluminium housing the Scubajet incorporates a simplistic and modernistic design. A compact torpedo-shaped product it is a complete contrast to the often ‘bulky’ looking DPV’s that are currently on the market.

Dive Controller for safety and convenience:


The integrated 2.4” LED display on the duel hand controller shows all vital safety information such as:

  • Power consumption
  • Dive depth
  • Water temperature
  • The battery runtime

The display is clear and the bright fluorescent digits make the controller easy to read even when diving in bad visibility. The dual hand controller weighs only 0.5kg so it doesn’t add much additional weight to the DPV. Furthermore, the controller is easy to understand even for divers with little or no diving experience.

The dive controller attaches to the body of the DPV and allows users to control the DPV using a two-handed grip or using only one hand on either handle if you prefer.

Precision Speed Adjustment:

The Scubajet Pro allows you to adjust the power of the product in 2% increments.

At a power setting of 2%, the Scubajet will not turn on as it does not have enough power (remember this when testing the product on the surface.) At 4% power, the Scubajet Pro will deliver the slowest speed setting which will in exchange give you the longest battery run time. In short, the higher the power of the battery (4%-100%) the faster you will travel and the less battery life you will have.

This means you have nearly 50 different speed settings that you can adjust when on the dive. When you adjust these speed settings in 2% increments the remaining battery life is calculated. This let’s you know how long the battery will last at that particular speed. The ‘remaining battery time indicator’ combined with the incredible amount of speed variations allows you to control your speed and conserve the battery life with great precision.

LED Light:


With just a push of a button you can access the LED light situated at the front of the Scubajet. The light delivers 1500 lumens and is the most perfect addition for night diving, cave and wreck diving and even when diving in limited visibility.

Easy to change the battery:

The Scubajet is designed with ease of use in mind. As opposed to other DPV’S on the market to change the battery is very simple and easy to do. This is a great addition for those conducting two dives in one day.

What diver is the Scubajet Pro suitable for?

  • The Scubajet Pro makes the perfect DPV for recreational scuba divers, the lightweight design of the product, and optional airplane legal batteries mean you can easily transport the product with you on your next scuba diving vacation.
  • The ease of use of this product makes it the perfect addition to any scuba diving schools looking to provide DPV excursions to their students.
  • With the ability to be used to a maximum depth of 60 meters it is suitable for all levels of recreational divers and even those looking to dabble in technical diving.

In Conclusion

We are incredibly impressed with the Scubajet Pro product! The Scubajet is a practical and easy to use alternative to the existing DPV’s on the market. Earlier we asked the question if the Scubajet pro has what it takes to revolutionize the DPV market and the answer is yes. The Scubajet Pro maximizes the fun and really minimizes the effort.

Author: Sophie Keningale

Sophie Keningale works hard to share her passion for scuba diving through her blog posts and hopes to offer useful information for scuba divers and those holidaying in Gran Canaria. Sophie owns and operates Leagues Ahead Diving with her partner James and the center has been open since 2017.

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