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What scuba diving world record will we be setting?

Over the next few months Leagues Ahead diving will be training and preparing to set a scuba diving world record! The record we aim to set is: “The greatest distance underwater swimming (Scuba) in 12 hours using a diver propulsion vehicle.”

Why are we attempting to set a scuba diving world record?

“Do not be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.”

After the strict lockdown in Spain was lifted, we realized that we took many things for granted, including our health, having an established business and being able to see loved ones. So when the lockdown was lifted we decided to live life with a new sense of gratitude. We wanted to live everyday to the fullest, to try things that were out of our comfort zone and to enjoy these new experiences.

So we decided to upload a YouTube video explaining to our viewers that we would be attempting to set a scuba diving world record.

It is worth mentioning that we had very little idea of how we would actually accomplish this project before proposing that we would be completing it.

How are we planning to set this scuba world record?

As with any seemingly overwhelming project we needed to break it down into smaller tasks and complete each task as we go. That is why we aim to publish a YouTube video every week documenting our progress, set-backs and the challenges we have faced and of course hopefully the solutions!

The tasks we need to fulfill in order to complete the record are as follows:

1. Proposing the idea of setting the world record to our followers.

2. Learning how to use a DPV (underwater scooter.)

3. Increasing our fitness to be able to dive safely underwater for a duration of 12 hours.

4. Assembling a professional diving team that can help us document the record attempt, exchange tanks and DPVs underwater when needed and to assist with any safety related issues.

5. Choosing the correct DPV or combination of DPV’s within a limited budget that are capable of completing this world record.

6. Performing a 6 hour practice session which will test my stamina, and will also test the effect that traveling a long distance underwater will have on my body.

7. Discovering the best solution to be able to accurately record the distance traveled underwater. We will need to do this so that Guinness World Records will be able to verify this record attempt

8. To perform a full rehearsal of the record attempt with all team members, camera recording equipment and accurate GPS measuring device. This will allow us to identify any problems and find solutions before the record attempt.

9. To attempt the record itself and make scuba diving history!

Below are the videos that document each task described above. Each video will be added to this blog at the end of each week.

We hope that you enjoy following our journey and hope that it will inspire you to not let fear get in the way of attempting your own dreams or goals – no matter how crazy they may seem!

After three months of being unable to leave the house due to covid -19 restrictions, James finally emerges from his lockdown routine, determined to get back on track with an outrageous proposal to set a scuba diving world record!

Sophie briefly explains what the record entails and our initial plans to set the record. However we have since discovered that the distance of 25km in 12 hours is incorrect. The actual distance that we will need to travel to set the world record is in fact 50km in 12 hours. A nasty surprise that must be figured out in later episodes!

2.Our first DPV dive!

After a great morning of Discover Scuba divers with Leagues Ahead Diving. Sophie and James travel to Tufia to meet up with a fellow diver David.

David shows us the basics of how to use DPV’s and Sophie then passes on that knowledge to anyone wanting to try their first DPV Dive.

3. Our Scuba Diving fitness routine!

This week James performs a motivational workout but Sophie isn’t buying it. Sophie asks an IFBB bodybuilding Leejay to help James with a fitness plan. Leejay agrees to get James in shape but James is in for a nasty shock! Sophie then explains what you should be focusing on if you want to increase your fitness to enjoy scuba diving to the fullest

4. Assembling the record breaking team!

This week James makes a call to Scotland and the Czech Republic to assemble the finest team of divers possible.

Sophie explains what’s in store for next week’s episode and introduces our first DPV the H2 Aquajet!

5. Trying to find the right DPV to set the world record!

In this week’s episode, Michael breaks the shocking news to James that the distance required to set the world record for: ”The furthest distance to travel underwater using a scooter” has changed from 25km to 50km!

After recovering from the shocking news the team set out to find an underwater scooter that is capable of completing this mammoth distance in under 12 hours.

They turn to the Hoverstar H2 Aquajet to find out if it really does travel up to speeds of 9kmph!

6. Three hour scuba diving distance test!

In this week’s episode, Leagues Ahead Diving set themselves the task of completing a 3-hour distance test. The purpose of this test was to:

  • Assess what effect traveling at speed underwater for 3 hours would have on their minds and bodies and give them an idea of what to expect for the 12-hour attempt.
  • Practice exchanging scuba equipment and DPV’S when necessary.
  • Allow the team to fine-tune their communication methods which will be vitally important for the scuba diving world record attempt.

After the first attempt did not go to plan, James and Sophie headed to El Cabron for a second attempt with the hope of achieving better results!

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