These dive sites…

… are the ones we visit most regularly. If you would like to go to other dive sites anywhere else on the island, just contact us and we will figure everything out!


  • Maximum depth: 15 metres
  • Minimum level of certification: Open water diver but this is a fantastic site for a Discover Scuba Diving lesson.
  • Entry: shore

Amadores is a mere twenty-minute drive away from our dive centre in Playa Del Ingles and is home to two fantastic dive sites. Amadores reef is the perfect dive site for beginner divers taking their first fin-kicks underwater as the straightforward entry and flat sandy bottom composition allow divers to perfect their diving skills in a fun and relaxed manner. On the outside of the bay, the breakwater declines down to 12 metres and this is where you often see Angel Sharks and Sting Rays. The water is a warm 23 degrees with excellent visibility ensuring you have the best chance to see Barracuda, Cuttlefish, Angel Sharks, Octopus, Starfish, Parrotfish and a wide variety of Stingrays to name a few. The dive site is located on Amadores beach so during the surface interval you have a great opportunity to go and have a coffee or some lunch in some of the fantastic restaurants that Gran Canaria has to offer. Furthermore, it is a perfect dive site for your family and friends to relax and see you enter the dive site as they enjoy the fantastic sun on the beach if they do not wish to dive.

Araganza “Mogan” Wreck

  • Maximum depth: 22 metres
  • Minimum level of certification: Advanced Open water diver
  • Entry: Boat

This is the first of two wrecks that have been sunk by the yellow submarine company for the submarine tours! Lying at approximately 19 metres below the surface the Araganza is home to an abundance of marine life, the submarine tour feeds the fish ensuring that you are guaranteed to see the shoal of Roncadores at the bow of the wreck. You will also be amazed at the number of Barracuda, Trumpetfish and Stingrays that inhabit the sunken wreck. The dive site is a short boat ride from Puerto de Mogan and we try to arrange the time of the dive with the time that the submarine tour is leaving from Mogan harbour, thus all the divers have great fun waving and taking pictures of the customers in the submarine itself! Be sure not to forget your camera! The submarine adventure is also a great way for your non-diving family and friends to watch you from inside the submarine.

The Artificial reef

  • Maximum depth: 24 m
  • Level of certification necessary: Advanced open water diver
  • Entry: boat

This is an artificial biotope which lies approximately 5km from Puerto de Mogan harbour. It was originally created as a project of the department of Marine Biology by the university of Las Palmas! The idea behind the concept was to create a refuge for the prolific amount of marine life endangered by fishing. The dive site consists of several different concrete block formations all different shapes and sizes which create this safe haven where marine life such as Stingrays, Angel Sharks, Octopus, Moray eels, Cuttlefish and much more take refuge. It is an underwater aquarium that will keep you wanting more! Family and friends of the divers who do not wish to dive themselves are more than welcome to join us on the boat for a fun packed day out at sea!

La Catedral

  • Maximum depth: 40 metres
  • Minimum level of certification: Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Entry: Boat

La Catedral is a dive site for the more experienced diver who is looking for a deeper dive. Located approximately forty minutes away from our base in Playa del Ingles, it is well worth the journey! The La Catedral dive site is home to some of Gran Canaria’s most spectacular landscapes and rock formations of volcanic origin. An enjoyable thirty-minute boat trip overlooking the beautiful coastline of Gran Canaria brings us to the dive site. The dive site is home to an abundance of marine life which is guaranteed to enthrall every diver, you will be surrounded by Snappers, Moray eels, Octopus, Groupers and much more.

El Cabron

  • Maximum depth: 24 metres
  • Minimum level of certification: Open Water Diver
  • Entry: Shore

A road trip of approximately 30 minutes from our base in Playa del Ingles brings us to the fantastic underwater nature reserve El-Cabron given the title of one of the best dives in Europe! Because of the journey, we leave earlier in the morning thus ensuring you have the evening to spend with your family and friends whilst on holiday. If you love coffee as much as our instructors here at Leagues Ahead Diving you will be pleased to know we stop to grab a coffee on the journey near Arinaga to ensure the day is relaxed and pleasurable.
Once we have arrived at the dive site you will be surprised by the rocky terrain, it is like you are on another island! Many dive centers refuse to travel to El Cabron with the fear of damaging their equipment or vans, but here at Leagues Ahead Diving, we believe the dive site is worth it and so offer the dive to our customers. The dive site consists of several different entry points, with each one offering something different ranging from caves, a swim through, arches and a rhonchorous wall. The visibility of a dive site depends on the weather conditions however it rarely falls below 20 metres visibility. The spectacular clear water and the fact that no boat trips or commercial fishing are allowed ensures you get to see the vivid array of marine life that El – Cabron has to offer such as Octopus, Angel sharks, Turtles, Barracuda, Cuttlefish, Moray eels and much more. With the dive site being multi-level, dependent on your aim consumption you can have dives of forty plus minutes!

El- Cabron was classified as a site of special scientific interest by the European Union in the year of 2001, and the AA pocket guide describes this dive site as the “best place to dive,” so don’t miss out on the opportunity to see this fantastic dive site and book today!

Mogan reef

  • Maximum depth: 12 metres
  • Minimum level of certification: open water diver
  • Entry: shore

Situated in idyllic Puerto De Mogan, Mogan reef is a fantastic dive for all level of diving certifications. Leagues Ahead Diving can suit the dive to your needs, for example if you prefer a gentle and relaxed entry we can enter the water from the beach, or if you prefer we can arrange a giant stride entry from the rocks under the cliffs at the end of the beach. This dive site offers a wide array of marine life including Barracuda, Tuna fish, Butterfly Ray’s, Octopus and much more. This dive site lets you explore caves and caverns at your leisure whilst being guided to all the best spots of the dive site by your guide.

Risco Verde (Arinaga)

  • Maximum depth: 15m
  • Minimum certification: Discover Scuba Diving/Open Water Diver
  • Entry: Shore

Ideal for beginners and enthusiasts alike, Risco Verdes’ sheltered bay means mild current all year round accompanied by an easy shore entry. Don’t let the accessibility and comfort of this dive fool you. Risco Verde is still a host to an amazing array of marine and life and great visibility all year around. Just a 20 minute drive from our location in San Fernando we will park in a designated area just for divers, making equipment preparation and suiting up very easily. Walk a mere 20 meters to the calm shore and enter with ease where you will be guided on one of the two dives this site has to offer. On the first dive you shall be guided along the natural volcanic reef where you will encounter Octopus, Starfish, Nudibranchs and small shoals of Barracuda. The second dive consists of a bottom composition of sand which is the perfect environment to see Eagle rays, Cuttlefish and Angel Sharks. After your dive grab a coffee or deco beer in the café La Farola overlooking the ocean you were just underneath.

Sardina del Norte

  • Maximum depth: 18 m
  • Level of certification: Open Water Diver
  • Entry: Shore

Sardina del Norte is located on the North of the island, it takes approximately 40 minutes to reach this dive site, but is well worth the journey. We always stop for coffee and snacks on the way at a coffee shop near Arinaga and it gives you the opportunity to see more of the island. This dive site is ideal for all levels of certification. The entry is particularly easy with entering the water a few steps away. During the dive it is common to see Angel sharks, and our instructors always come across our friend sharky hidden within the sandy bottom composition. As well as sharky you are expected to see African striped grunts, Sea Horses, Parrot fish, Sting Rays, Butterfly rays and Garden eels. After the dives have been completed there is nothing better than relaxing in one of the bars or restaurants on the promenade overlooking the ocean! After this excursion will will then return you to your place of vacation or you can return to our ‘chill-out’ room at the dive centre to discuss the dive with other like-minded divers.


  • Maximum depth: 18 m
  • Minimum level of certification: open water diver
  • Entry: shore entry

The town of Tufia is famous in Gran Canaria for existential battle against the Spanish government, it was created by a volcanic eruption, thus these dive sites epitomise what it is like to dive in Gran Canaria. The eruption ensured that several caves and volcanic rock structures are the main focus point of this dive. The dive site is situated in an idyllic part of Gran Canaria and with just a short walk on the impressive black volcanic sand beach you have arrived at the entry point

On of the Dive Sites Tufia Gran Canaria by svoogle on flickr
Sleepy town Tufia

of the dive site. Tufia is famous at Leagues Ahead Diving for the large number of octopus we always see! Our instructors always find Harry the large octopus hidden within the underwater arch situated at 15 metres. He is always very friendly and accommodating to all divers but remember to only take pictures and leave only bubbles! Furthermore you will be greeted by Grunts, Parrot fish, Trumpet fish, Barracuda and Stingrays that take refuge in the volcanic underwater landscape.
Little more than a collection of white seaside houses overlooking the ocean it is the most charming place for a surface interval. But believe us, you will be eager to re-enter the water again!
Tufia is also a fantastic dive site for snorkelling, so it is great fun for the whole family! The water is calm and clear so is great for younger children to build up their confidence in the water. (Read more about the best places to go snorkeling in our blog!)



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